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We have the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time. By establishing ourselves as your trusted partner, we deliver reliable, complete backgrounds checks with current information, legal compliance with all applicable federal/state/local laws, along with unparalleled customer service and the best overall value.

We empower employers to make informed hiring decisions by providing timely, accurate & complete employment background checks. The Genesis Shop conducts criminal record searches directly at each of our nation’s 3,500 plus county courthouses, covering the entire United States.

We work directly with your organization to develop an effective pre-employment screening program that addresses your unique needs. Our background check solutions can include any combination of the following pre-employment screening and background check services.

County, State, and Federal Background Checks

County Criminal Record Search

County Criminal Record Searches are available in each county throughout the U.S. These searches are used to determine if a candidate may have a felony or misdemeanor criminal case within the last seven years. Records may be retrieved beyond the seven year scope if requested – applicable state and federal law apply.

Since most felonies and misdemeanors originate at the county level, county criminal records searches ensure your reports reveal the most accurate and up to date information available.

Completed reports consist of only reportable information. Information may include dates of arrest and filing, charges, level of charges, disposition date, final disposition and any applicable sentence or penalty.

Available in single county or 7-year unlimited search scopes. Jurisdictions are populated by the address history revealed using the Social Security Address Trace Report. Best practices dictate conducting a search in all counties under all names uncovered by the Social Security Address Trace Report within the past seven years.

Statewide Criminal Record Search

Statewide Criminal Searches provide our clients with a broader search range by utilizing true state repositories which archive criminal records reported from the county courthouse levels. Statewide searches allow us to look beyond the county of residence and potentially locate additional criminal records. Best practices dictate conducting a Statewide Criminal Search in addition to the 7-year county criminal record search as not all counties are required to report to the state repository. Additionally, recent convictions may not be available immediately due to reporting times from county to state.

National Criminal Database Search

The National Criminal Database Search is a powerful, multi-jurisdictional search consisting of millions of records from multiple sources across the country, including but not limited to: state and county court records, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), state sex offender registries and our Global Report database which includes Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Office of the Inspector General (OIG),General Services Administration (GSA), System for Award Management (SAM) and many other sources. This search allows employers to cast a wider net and potentially locate additional criminal records that would otherwise be left unfound.

To ensure FCRA compliance, all records located will automatically initiate a direct source search within the jurisdiction of origin to validate the record and ensure the most accurate information is reported.

Best practice dictates conducting a National Criminal Database Search in addition to the 7-year county criminal record search.

Federal District Criminal Record Search

Federal District Criminal Searches are available in all 94 federal districts throughout the U.S. This search identifies convictions for federal crimes such as kidnapping, bank robbery, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, counterfeiting, crimes that cross state boarders, etc. Best practice dictates conducting a federal search in all districts revealed by the Social Security Address Trace Report with the past seven years.

Driving History

Motor Vehicle Record Search

A Motor Vehicle Record Search is available in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and searches information compiled from an individual state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Reports generally access 3-7 years of license data, depending upon the state, and may include information such as: license status, suspensions, revocations, moving violations, DUIs, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions.

CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)

The CDLIS accesses the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators database to ensure single license issuance nationwide. This search enables employers to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements and helps eliminate a candidate who does not hold a valid Commercial Driver’s license. The results provide name, date of birth, social security number match, alias name information, present jurisdictional state, license number and up to three previously held CDL numbers.

PSP (Pre-Employment Screening Program) Crash Inspection Report

The PSP Crash Inspection Report is obtained from data submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which is stored in the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) database and consists of crash and roadside inspection data. The PSP Crash Inspection report will reveal a driver’s 5-year crash history and 3 year roadside inspection information including all serious safety violations that are cited during an inspection. This report does not include conviction information as would a Motor Vehicle Report.

Credit Employment Insights

The Tenant Credit Report is accessed through TransUnion credit bureau and provides applicant credit history, including identifying information, public records, outstanding debt, payment history, loans and mortgages, late payments and defaults, and credit inquiries. Also returns a FICO score, a snapshot of risk used by financial institutions to aid in making lending decisions.

Rental Records

National Rental Records Database Search

Searches potential tenant for evictions, liens and judgments filed from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including statewide and county eviction records. Our database is updated daily.

State Rental Records Database Search

Searches potential tenant for evictions, liens and judgments filed in one specific state. Includes statewide and county eviction records. Database updated daily.

Employment Verification / International

An employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the employee on a job application or résumé. The report may contain dates of employment, last position held, eligibility for rehire, salary verification, duties & responsibilities, reason for leaving, etc.

Professional License Verification

Professional License Verifications confirm a variety of government-issued professional licenses: nurses, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, insurance agents, accountants, architects and many others. Confirms with the state or federal issuing authority of the candidate’s license, certification or credentials, the date of issue, expiration date and status.

Education Verification / International

A verification specialist will contact the school, college, university, or other educational institution or agency that granted the degree or certificate. The education verification report may include dates of attendance, degree, major or program, and graduation date, if applicable.

Sex Offender Registry Search

The Sex Offender Registry Search is a single source search accessing all individual state sex offender registries. This search provides information on sex offenders that are required to register within their state as sexual/violent offenders.

County Civil Record Search

County Civil Searches are used to identify noncriminal suits filed by individuals or corporations, such as product-liability suits, local civil-rights violations, judgments for nonpayment of goods, and litigation related to divorce, marriage, or child custody. Most states divide records into lower and upper courts based on the monetary amount of the claim.

Residence Verification

Verification specialist will contact the current or prior landlord and ask questions pertaining to the landlord’s relationship with the applicant, length of time at residence, state of unit when vacated and timeliness of payments and eligibility to re-rent.

Reference Verification

A verification specialist will speak with the professional references provided by the candidate. The verification will consist of questions pertaining to the reference’s relationship with the candidate, length of time known, any joint work experiences, and overall character.

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