The Genesis Shop is a locally owned and grassroots business that assists employers and their employees become educated in the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse existing in their environments. Drug and alcohol abuse affects all of us in many ways and any step that can prevent it is one worth taking. The Genesis Shop is here to walk that path with our ever changing community.

The Genesis Shop is changing with the times in drug and alcohol prevention. We know firsthand how drug and alcohol abuse can change lives. We strongly believe that prevention and awareness are the two things that can save lives and make our communities stronger, safer and more productive. We work with employers to educate them about drug and alcohol abuse in our everyday environments and what solutions will work best for them.

At The Genesis Shop, we are dedicated to giving back to our community. Our Certified Chief Technician is a member of multiple boards in the the drug and alcohol treatment community, and our chief drug testing consultant is a board member of both The Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce and Operation Parent. We are generous contributors to many of these organizations which strive to assist those who struggle.

Our collectors are all Department of Transportation (DOT) Certified and follow DOT protocol when on-site performing drug tests. Our Certified Chief Technician has and continues to sit on community boards such as: Kentucky State Board of Licensing for Drug and Alcohol Counselors; Bridgehaven Mental Health Services; People Advocating Recovery (PAR); Operation Parent; Jeffersontown Chamber. The Genesis Shop offers mobile on-site services testing with instant results, as well as a network of over 10,000 labs nationwide if lab based testing is preferred. For employers who elect to test in-house we will provide the necessary testing devices. We also provide custom panel combinations for those with special requests.

"An ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure."

Ben Franklin

In addition to our drug testing services, we also offer:

  • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy review and writing
  • Nicotine Testing
  • Dog Sniffing for Illegal Substances

Meet Our Chief Drug Testing Technician, Lisa Lee
Fondly known as The Drug Lady

Like many families, our family has felt the effects of addiction. I have witnessed the damage that drug and alcohol abuse can cause, and I wanted to do something to help others avoid going through what we experienced.

In those times, had I been aware of the signs and symptoms of addiction, lives could have been saved and earlier treatment sought for those suffering. Addiction can be overcome and I am witness to this as well. Drug testing is the first line of defense and prevention for drug abuse, and timely testing can prevent a lot of heartache.

I founded The Genesis Shop to educate employers and families about the critical lifeline that we can offer abusers through testing, support, and treatment. We want families and parents to become better educated and aware of the dangerous substances we are all exposed to every day in the workplace and on playgrounds.

We want The Genesis Shop to help employers do more than just have a workplace drug free policy – we want to assist them as they implement it, support it, and deliver it to employees to create safer, more productive work environments.

Awareness is prevention. I believe what Ben Franklin once said: "An ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure."

Let us help you today secure your workplace and fight drug and alcohol abuse.

image of The Genesis Shop Owner Lisa Lee
Drug Testing Staff

Matt Ryan

- Office Manager -
Our office manager who takes care of all things back of house, accounting, customer service, orders and so much more on the operational side of our business. We call him Boss man!



All Staff Photos by Joe Hulsey Photography.

Staff Drug Test

Pat Jones

- Lead Technician -
Our lead technician who assists our collectors with staying within HIPPA compliance and maintaining our chain of custody protocol per Government guidelines. We call her the paper queen!

"Lisa Lee earned our business by not 'selling,' but by being readily available when we had a need. She's proving herself to be the great partner that I knew she would be. Her expertise in the workplace drug testing arena is valuable to our Drug Free Workplace Program. I highly recommend Lisa Lee/The Genesis Shop for your drug testing needs and/or as a partner to support your programs."

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